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Many new changes have occurred with our sponsor since Blue Mountain Shadows first set up their web site with them in 2001. Here are the events that have transpired in this successful local business:

Changes at Hubwest

1. 1/1/2004 Their legal name was changed to:: Protected Networks LLC, listed as Hubwest – Protected Networks LLC.
2. 4-29-04 Hubwest acquired (an Albuquerque ISP). In early 2004 they began offering Wireless services.
3. 11-28-04 Hubwest acquired the Blanding, Utah Radio Tower from Phil Mueller to further expand its Wireless Services through the community.
4. 5-9-05 Hubwest acquired (an Albuquerque based Web Design and Hosting company)
5. 5-9-05 Hubwest acquired Luminarias Limited, a holiday decorating company (
6. Sept 2005 Hubwest purchased an office building in Albuquerque , New Mexico .
Articles were published in the New Mexico Business Weekly 5/31/05 (online)
and December 12-16, 2005 (print) regarding this, see articles below:

New Mexico Business Weekly 5/31/05

Clay Holtzman NMBW Staff
Published: May 31, 2005

An Albuquerque Internet service provider says it will try its hand at holiday decorating. Just last week, the firm purchased a pair of businesses, one of them the seasonal decorating business, from a local entrepreneur moving to Japan .

Hubwest, also known as Protected Networks LLC, has purchased, an 8-year-old Web hosting company owned by Curtis Plagge of Albuquerque . As part of the deal, Plagge also sold his 15-year-old Luminarias Limited, a holiday decorating company. Terms of the cash transaction were not disclosed.

Adam Pehrson, principal with the family-owned Hubwest, admits it is uncommon for an Internet company to offer holiday decorating services, but because Plagge was planning to sell it and the business produced a large amount of revenue in only a few months, the opportunity was too good to pass up.

"This is our way of having something extra to do," says Pehrson, who adds that during the holiday season, his customers tend to hold off on upgrading Web sites or purchasing more services. "Luminarias [Limited], we saw as a great opportunity."

Pehrson had known Plagge and his two businesses for years as has a co-located server with Hubwest -- something Pehrson says was an advantage in transferring server control to Hubwest, which also provides Web design, dial-up and digital subscriber line (DSL) service. Pehrson says was a good opportunity not only because it has 400 or 500 customers, but also because they can be "upsold" on Hubwest services like Internet access.

Plagge is selling his businesses because he is moving to Osaka, Japan, this summer with his wife and their two young sons. "I want my boys to go there" to experience the culture, says Plagge, who met his wife, Yoshiko, while working as an actor in a live-action stunt show in Japan .While in Osaka , Plagge's wife will work as a nurse and he will look for work as an actor, with his former employer, Universal Studios, or as an English teacher.

Plagge says his third company, Worldwide Balloon Decorating, will continue its operations in Albuquerque and will be managed by his daughter and nephew while he is in Japan .

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Print article, December 12-16, 2005

It’s never too early to start your Christmas shopping.

Adam Pehrson made his big purchase in May, when he bought a holiday decorating firm figuring its year-end business would help cash flow for his existing business, an internet service provider, or ISP. Pehrson, owner of Albuquerque-based Hubwest, says he made the right decision to buy Luminarias Ltd. from Curtis Plagge, another local entrepreneur who had already agree to sell his small ISP business, to Hubwest.

Luminarias sells, as its name suggests, services for businesses that want to put luminarias out at Christmas, but want someone else to install and maintain the small glowing paper bags. Previously it only offered luminarias, but since it was purchased, its offerings have expanded to other holiday decorations. Pehrson may have picked a particularly good year to get into the holiday decorating business.

As part of its ongoing celebration of Albuquerque ’s 300th anniversary, the city’s Tricentennial committee has asked residents and businesses to illuminate as many light sources as possible on Christmas Eve. The goals of the Festival of Illumination is to have 3 million lights ignited for an aerial photograph of the city. So far, the illumination committee organizer says she has received pledges for more than 2.3 million lights with the Downtown branch of Wells Fargo bank leading all commitments by pledging 80,000 lights. Wells Fargo in not a Luminarias Ltd. customer.

Elaine Fiber, chairwomen of the Festival of Lights Tricentennial committee, says it is too hard to tell if the event is creating work for businesses like Luminarias Ltd. “We would love to think so,” she says.

Although Pehrson declined to disclose specific numbers, he does say that revenue generated during the three months of operation for Luminarias will roughly equal Hubwest’s sales over the same time period. Cash generated from Hubwest’s new revenue stream first will be used to pay off the cost of acquiring the business itself. After that, Pehrson says, the annual yuletide cash infusion will go toward expanding Hubwest’s operations and capabilities.

Pehrson says he has more then doubled the amount of revenue Luminarias generated in 2004 by expanding its offerings and taking on residential clients in addition to the core clientele of commercial properties. Some of Luminarias new clients include Embassy Suites of Albuquerque near Downtown, Route 66 Casino west of Albuqueque and the America Online building.


Published in San Juan Record November 29, 2000

Several years of hard work by a local internet company was recently rewarded when Hubwest of Blanding was recognized as one of Utah's fastest growing companies.

Number 35 on the list of Utah's 100 fastest growing companies is Internet Computer Services/Hubwest of Blanding, a family owned Internet Service Provider, headquartered in Blanding and serving the rural areas of Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.

MountainWest Venture Group honored the companies, including Hubwest, at the sixth annual "Utah 100" luncheon.
In the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Eugene Pehrson and his company received a prestigious award from Governor Mike Leavitt.

Hubwest was picked from over 1,100 possible applicants. Companies on the list were recognized for their growth over five years time, over $25,000 in sales during the first year of business, and a percentage growth of sales from the first to the fifth year.

Hubwest is centered in Blanding, with branches that reach Cortez, Durango, Denver, Farmington Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Richfield, Delta, Monicello and Blanding.


















Hubwest is a family-owned and operated business. Christine Marion, Eugene's daughter, manages the main business in Blanding. Son Adam and wife Kathy serve in the Albuquerque branch, where they cover all the sales and technical support.

While receiving the award, the company was recognized as "not just a flash in the pan. The company today has roughed it out." Pehrson got into business sensing that one day, everyone would want to join. The full service internet company offers high speed wireless internet connections, web page design, virtual servers, and a certified Microsoft System Engineer on duty. Customers can log-on at over 3,300 sites across the United States.

Pehrson states that the success of the business is due to the commitment of the employees and the support of his customers. The company greatly appreciates the lasting support from their valued customers. Thanks for your business and let us know how we can better serve you.
Hats off to the Pehrsons and their growing company!

They have been the corporate sponsor for the Blue Mountain Shadows web site since 2001, which has been a major financial support for this history project.




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