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#1 Mexico Mormons, CCCs, etc.
#2 Bluff history, Anasazi, etc.
#3 Bootlegging, sawmills, etc.
#4 Posey War, pranks, M. Ogden
#5 Trapping, Livestock (Lt. blue)
#6 Land and Livestock (Tan)
#7 Folklore and folk crafts (Green)
#8 Civilization comes to SJC (Gray)
#9 Education in San Juan (Red)
#10 Living on the Land ( Brown)
#11 Native American (Turquoise)
#12 Rivers & Roads (Blue)
#13 Archaeology (Sandstone)
#14 More archaeology ( Patchwork)
#15 Cowboys & outlaws (Brown)
#16 Mining in SJC (Uranium yellow)
#17 Centennial history (Maroon)
#18 Quilting (Forest green)
#19 Sesquicentennial (Rainbow Bridge)
#20 WW I and W.W.II (Flag)
#21 An Outsiders view (Blue MT)
#22 The Millennium (Green/orange)
#23 Folkarts & crafts (Black)
#24 Historic homes (White)
#25 Cottonwood Mining (John Black cover)
#26 Cottonwood Mining #2 (White Mesa Millcover)
#27 Cottonwood Mining #3 (Green cover)

#28 Monticello homes (F.I Jones Home cover)

#29 Cowboys, indians, Conflict (Green cowboy cover)

#30 Fort Montezuma (Montezuma Creek)

#31 Monticello Businesses (Hyland Cafe cover)

#32 Blanding Centennial issue (School papercutting cover)

#33 Natural History (Water rocks cover)

#34 San Juan Canyons (Hovenweep Cover)

#35 Bringing roads to San Juan (Natural Bridges Cover)

History of San Juan High School ($20)
Around the Hat, History of Mexican Hat ($5)
Other publications available:
In the Palm of Time by Bob McPherson ($20),
Look to the Mountains by Charles Peterson $15

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