Writers' guidelines for
Blue Mountain Shadows

Publishing dates: We publish twice a year: June and  October.
For the June issue, the deadline is November 30, for October issues, June 1.

Target audience: Residents of Utah and the Four Corners area and former San Juan County residents, having at least a high school education.  This audience is busy and there are many magazines and books vying for their time.  Writers must win their attention.

Types of articles needed:

     Blue Mountain Shadows will consider any article that reflects the history, folklore, customs and personalities of San Juan County during the past 100 plus years.  We want articles that tell a good story.  Merely describing the state of affairs does not constitute a good story.  Relate how the event came to be and why.  Who was instrumental in brining it about?  How has it evolved?  What does it mean to the reader?  What does the future hold?
    When appropriate, use the devices of the novelist to capture and hold your readers' attention:  description, narrative, anecdote, dialogue, specific detail.  A chronological biography is seldom interesting no matter how important the person was.  You must show what the person was like through details and examples, and tell about the significance of their life in a compelling way. Rather than tell their life history, focus on one aspect of the person's life and describe well the contribution they made.
    We are also interested in poetry, art, photographs, and humor that reflect the uniqueness of the county and its people.

Length and types of articles used:

(Ranging from 500-3000 words)

Writers will be paid for their articles upon publication. College and high school students who did papers as part of a class assignment are paid $3.50 per manuscript page.  All independent writers are paid $5 per double spaced manuscript page, point 12 text. Art work and photographs are paid at $5 per piece.  Cover designs and photographs range from $50-$125, depending upon complexity and time involved.

Writing tips:
   " By the time you have completed your research, you should have established a point of view.  Don't merely present all sides of an issue in journalistic style, and hope that the reader will discern the truth.  Be prepared to take a position.  On the other hand, don't force a point of view that is unsubstantiated by your research, or tailor your research to validate a preconception.

    Clarity, force, and grace of style are three significant attributes of good writing, and the greatest of these is clarity.  Avoid jargon, and lengthy introductions."  --K.C. Benedict--

    Provide photographs or art work to add interest to your article if possible. Please prepare final manuscript on a computer and send us the article in Rich Text Format if using a Mac, or WordPerfect, or MS Word.
    Submit to Bob McPherson, CEU-San Juan Center  Blanding, Utah 84511.  For query on future topics call LaVerne Tate at 435-678-2325 (home)   Refer to the latest issue of Blue Mountain Shadows to determine the topics needed for future issues.

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